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If you are looking for fast a response Apple iPad Air repair service look no further. With over 10 years experience in Apple device, we provide a rapid, professional and cost effective repair service for wide range of repair for iPad Air smartphones.

We understand the inconvenience of not having your iPad Air working, and this why we offer two convenient repair options, you can either bring along your iPad Air to our repair centre in Chennai, we'll fix your iPad Air as soon as possible, or you can post your broken iPad Air to us for same day repair service.

iPad Air Repair Parts

iPad Air dented corners repair: we replace your broken and cracked iPad Air screen also known as the digitizer or touchscreen glass. This process includes removing the touchscreen glass and replacing it with a new screen.

iPad Air screen repair: if the metal corners are dented due to a fall or other reasons, we can smooth them out for you at no extra cost.

iPad Air LCD screen repair: your iPad Air LCD screen is located Chennai your touchscreen glass and it is not usually damaged when you drop your iPad Air. However, if you are no longer able to see anything properly on your display such as apps, videos or pictures correctly, then it might require to be replaced.

iPad Air Home, On/Off or volume button repair: If you iPad Air buttons are damaged or stuck, we can easily repair or replaced them.

iPad Air charging port repair: your iPad Air charging port can be damaged and not hold the cord or take charge. We will replace it with a new one.

iPad Air headphone jack repair: if the end of your earphone plug is broken and stuck inside of your iPad Air headphone jack, we can repair or replace the assembly.

iPad Air camera repair: if your iPad Air front and back camera no longer work or do not focus correctly, then they need to be replaced.

iPad Air antenna repair for Wi-Fi or cellular data: if your iPad Air no longer receives signal or if the signal is weak, it might need a new antenna.

iPad Air battery repair and replacement: if your iPad Air no longer holds a charge or if the battery drains quickly, then it needs a new battery and we can replace it for you.

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